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Meaningful Beauty

January 1st, 2009, 3:12 am

A Year of Waterhorse

Hello gigantic Waterhorse fan base.

A year has gone by since I began posting Waterhorse comics. I have about 47 pages so I only missed about 5 weeks or so... and those were holidays and the short May hiatus that i had to do because of the awful science class I had.

In the past, I would come up with grandiose stories I wanted to tell, great things to put into them. However, my tendency was to waver between genres that I was interested in at the moment. My inconsistency and inability to focus on one story left heaps of stories unfinished on my hard drive. My lack of patience hindering my creativity, as it were.

I thought about this problem.. Where was I going wrong? I'll tell you. I was unsure of myself and where my interests lied. I fluctuated between futuristic, paranormal, occult mystery, historical fiction, psychological horror and all sorts of other genres. What I always came back to though was the medieval genre. About 1 1/2 years ago Waterhorse began to take shape. It was dramatically different than it is now. I remember I was in Eagle River on vacation. I said to my cousin David "I want to create a story, something lasting. I think the trick may be to create the world before the characters." He said "Create a character with the world." I created a town.

The first real incarnation of Waterhorse involved werewolves. A town surrounded by dark woods with dark roads that connected to other towns. The woods were full of werewolves. It was wise to travel with unicorns, as their horns were made of silver and kept the wolves away. The only characters i had in mind was an arrogant gypsy minstrel... and a clumsy stableman.

To the opposite of my original intention the world was the thing that morphed. The town became Waterhorse, and the werewolves confined to the legend of Lychan, Lych, and Luminerva. I got the idea to start out with a folkloric story that would have an impact on the real story from reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The story with the hallows was fascinating, as it was told like an old fairy tale but it had real world application to them. I loved that. The other elements of Waterhorse sprang forward from my massive collection of occult mythology and celtic/Russian/African folklore. I learned about creatures and practices that were important to the ancient peoples and warped them into my own creation, with hopes of achieving some level of storytelling that Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy and a personal icon) would appreciate.

So after one year of posting, I would like to thank mr. Mike Mignola for showing me what I am interested in and how to make it original. I would like to thank Kevin Bley (mrbob0822) for introducing me to the webcomic scene, teaching me how to do art digitally, and for actually reading my comic every week. I would like to thank Sting for recording 'Shallow Brown' on the album 'Rogue's gallery: Pirate ballads, sea songs & chanties' for inspiring the character of Wasp, Trudy Cooper for Hamish's nose, and the show 'Lost' because.. I really really like it.

Keep reading.


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